Monday, June 28 – 1982

Temp Range: 34° – 64°

First day of harvest
(except some 1/2 bins that were too wet & dumped on hangar floor) Cut east of Darrell’s 1:30 to 9:30. 5447.90 bu test 59.8 to 62.2 dock to 1090 on one load at 1740. Damp in AM but sunny. Picked zucchini & yellow squash (gave Tina a zucchini & she gave me lettuce). Started mowing right after lunch (about 12:40). Guys (Cec) took first combine out at 1:20. Tom took second combine out a little after 1:30. I mowed & Tina did the yard & north of tamarisk. I did all main yard, by the chicken house & by the pool except on out by the trash barrels.

Monday, June 20 – 1988

Temp Range: 66° – 106°

Very hot and dry.  Quite a few still harvesting.  Harold called at 8am.  Had one load hfrs [heifers] 550 to 560 lbs load in at 69.  I called Ralph. but he didn’t return call until 11:30.  Decided to wait for market at noon.  Grains all up the limit.  Figured up Ingalvsons time $580, Baileys $475.  Took Golden Belt check 3 & 6 to town.  Mowed till 11:30, already over degrees.  Bill ran Geo’s tractor at noon.  A lot of people burning stubble & going to put in soybeans (over $9 now).  Joe’s 40th birthday.