Sunday, June 26th – 1988

Temp Range: 71° – 96°

Did laundry, watered & pulled weeds.  Flies biting exceedingly bad. Ate over in town. Brian & friend from 39 miles from Hays came in to eat. (Both were at the Pub on friday) I called Mrs. Lawrence & we got 5 lbs green beans. I cooked with the new pot & ham. Really good. Rain shower went over about 6pm. Wichita got good rain – at least cooled things down.

Friday, January 1 – 1988

Temp Range: 12° – 38º

Didn’t get in and to bed til 2am. so didn’t get up until around 8. Did chores – thought Rose Bowl was at 9 but wasn’t til 10. Fixed big breakfast, eggs, fried potatoes (couldn’t find grits), bacon, juice, coffee.  Watched parade 10 til 12.  Put prime rib roast.  Talked to Kay.  They had just finished rib roast dinner, mashed pot, beans & black eyed peas.  Lawrence ate a pretty good dinner and is a little more alert.  Talked to Jeannie – they’d gone to dinner & talent show. She said it was good. Bill watched ball games. I changed bed & did laundry.  It was about 20 degrees.  It was still, and fairly warm.  I tried on turquoise sweater, went pretty well with bright rose pink pants.  I made beans and black eyed peas with ham hock.  We went to Lilies for a while. Thought Mary Helen’s party was this eve, but was a week ago.  He never tells me anything.

Miami won Orange Bowl from Oklahoma 20-14.