Monday, June 28 – 1982

Temp Range: 34° – 64°

First day of harvest
(except some 1/2 bins that were too wet & dumped on hangar floor) Cut east of Darrell’s 1:30 to 9:30. 5447.90 bu test 59.8 to 62.2 dock to 1090 on one load at 1740. Damp in AM but sunny. Picked zucchini & yellow squash (gave Tina a zucchini & she gave me lettuce). Started mowing right after lunch (about 12:40). Guys (Cec) took first combine out at 1:20. Tom took second combine out a little after 1:30. I mowed & Tina did the yard & north of tamarisk. I did all main yard, by the chicken house & by the pool except on out by the trash barrels.

Sunday, November 6 – 1988

Temp Range: 34° – 64°

A beautiful, cool, crisp day. Changed the bed, did laundry then called Donna & Cec to eat fried chicken with us. Chato was out doing chores early. Feeding cattle across the road. They finished early around 9 or 9:30. He & family left & didn’t get home until after 10pm. Bill came in about 9:30 – wanted to fool around! – while I was doing laundry. Met Cec & Donna for fried chicken. Had a good crowd. Gave the bedroom clock to Cec to fix. Went by R V’s. He & Mary were raking yard. Asked them to come out – Bill took Cec & David to get J. Cross’s combine to cut little lot of milo (Bill said doubt if he got 10 bushel). RV & Mary were here at 1:20 – we worked all afternoon. Dug roots, Mary swept &  raked. R & I moved & planted the rose bush.  Left at 5:20. I cleaned up – we went to Luther Bryant’s fish dinner.

Zelma M called – coffee club.

Joe called & talked about 25 minutes. Gave Ranni 2 carat diamond.

Ralph called from Phoenix for Boyd’s phone number.

Tuesday, January 12th – 1988

Temp range: 21° – 38° (Back to 8° at bedtime)

Didn’t go to bed til 1:30, up a little after 8.  Bill came in about 7:45 & was resting. He wanted to visit.  Brian was off with sore throat again.  Wind came up & snow from a week ago blew roads shut.  Grader opened road just ahead of Bill going to town.  I did chores and typed up bowling scores.  I was second at 640, 30 behind first.  Roads still blowing, fixed lunch, finished up checks, W-3 & 943  IRS forms and got them in the mail.  Bill wanted to go to Lobo.  He has seven pens of cattle, I’m down to three.  Fixed catfish, fried potato, fresh broccoli & bread pudding.  Doska sent out IMHC meeting.  Surprised 10 were there.  Bartlet back on board.  Dr. Bradley had 3 calls.  He finally left & we finished early.  Home by 10pm.

Pappy Boyington died – famous WWII pilot

Friday, January 29th -1988

Temp range: 54° -76° (Tempe)

Another nice day.  Ate breakfast at the Holiday Inn.  Bernard called from Ramada Inn in Metro.  Boyd & Nancy met us for lunch at Village Inn near us.  He’s working for K.C. Life.  Drives a Cadillac. Took bankruptcy last week.  Can keep one car & (paying on) home.  Nancy said she’d put on 25 pounds since she quit smoking.  They’re both pretty blue.  He had appointments and went on.  I love the little well built Tempo.  Called Martins & went over there.  She was sitting in sun.  He wasn’t feeling too well.  Bill took us down & had a couple drinks.  Got lost going back to Roy’s.  Ended up on Eliott & Alma Rd.  It was dark. Carrie had made hash – they had eaten, but had plenty for us too.

Tuesday, April 5 – 1994

Temp Range: 22°-34° – Snow & Sleet

Joe called a little after 8.  He’d gotten home from his trip to Calif (driving a truck) about 4PM yest.  It was cold & dreary there, too.  It’s Loren’s 18th birthday (I got a card & check off to him).  Ralph called about 9.  I was getting my info together to call Jerry Anderson where my check was.  He called back later — held back 3 Holstein type.  Will ship Fri.  I worked about 3 hrs on order pewter for Bowling.  I picked up my catalog from Mary O’Brien.