Friday, June 10th – 1988

Temp Range: 63° – 83°

Bill came in & said he was going to see to St. John after screens for the combine.  $500 ea.  I had 10 o’clock appointment with Dr. Schmidt.  Left leg hurts from walking & working in garden, mowing, etc.  Stopped at Mary’s – 40% off tomorrow.  Got grey & yellow striped towels, yellow pants & top, black print skirt.  Stopped at Sears – $160 for deep freeze?  A couple begonia plants.  A little late – Bill fixing eggs.  I fixed some beans & turkey sandwich.  Bill amorous… Jack Metcalf came back, wants $7,000 for siding.  Geo came at 3:30 to help me mow.  Chato on ride mower.  Taco nite at the Pub for fireworks.  Clapsaddles there.  Fixed trap to catch chickens.