Tuesday, June 21 – 1988

Temp Range: 70° – 104° (Death Valley 114°)

Left ankle hurt so bad I couldn’t walk on it. Finally came out of it late morning.  Alice Clapsaddle called 8:45 – wants reservations at Raton of the 4th.  I called Cotton – said he could handle it.  Said heifers sold at Texhoma last Thursday 65 for 700lb.  I’d turned Harold down for 69 – 550lb to 600lb.  Jim Berry called.  Had some 412 heifer #1 okie. Laid in at $72.00.  Can’t sell fats at Golden Belt, they turned down 71 last Monday.  Can’t get 67 today.  Most grains except wheat up the limit.  Beans at 9.49.  Fixed early lunch so Bill could run for Geo noon hour.  I hoed garden down by bar 12:30 to 1:30.  Almost 100°.  Got checks off.  Saw Kay a little while.  Roberta wasn’t home again.  Kay said she may be in Halstead.  Fixed turkey legs – early supper.  Went out 6:00 til 8:30 or so. I mowed & worked in plants til dark.

Tuesday, April 5 – 1994

Temp Range: 22°-34° – Snow & Sleet

Joe called a little after 8.  He’d gotten home from his trip to Calif (driving a truck) about 4PM yest.  It was cold & dreary there, too.  It’s Loren’s 18th birthday (I got a card & check off to him).  Ralph called about 9.  I was getting my info together to call Jerry Anderson where my check was.  He called back later — held back 3 Holstein type.  Will ship Fri.  I worked about 3 hrs on order pewter for Bowling.  I picked up my catalog from Mary O’Brien.

Thursday, April 28 – 1988

Temp Range: 40° – 72°

First time I drove the new car.  Went to Kinsley after tags. Almost $450 with tax.  Hate the new design – she said everyone did.  Made out a bunch of checks.  Went by Fox’s, they’re sure enough closing.  Wtih All’s quitting & Dr. Schnoebeler… it’s really going to hurt Kinsley. Fixed sweet corn & hamburgers for lunch.  Titus’s aren’t going to Martin’s Saturday so tried to get R.  Went by & he said they could go.  We went on to 3I show.  Saw 6 cops.  A perfect day.  Saw lots of People – Larry Carr, Rex Cudney, Ray & Roy (Ray with cane), Dwayne Laney, Dale Beiser.  Had drinks at Deer (?) Club after seeing my pen B-3 & B-6.  Dave & Steve Titus had drinks with us.  Bill had 3 margaritas.  Ate at Keowa Kitchen.

Tuesday, April 28 – 1987

Temp Range: 44° – 84°

Michael’s 9th birthday.  Sent him card & $10.  Got busy early.  Went to town little before 9 to see R.V.  He was up but she wasn’t.  Finished mowing by chicken house.  Bill did out north on ride mower.  Geo & Chato finished about 10:30.  Took bowling scores over & took Ron roast, eggs & 1/2 gal V. O.  He seemed pleased (for rototilling my garden & front of house).  Fixed lunch.  R. V. came about 1:45.  Maria came with him.  Helped me clean up kitchen.  Helped R.V. spade (he planted 4 rose bushes for me).  Then we planted  1 row carnes, about 18 glads.  They went home about 5:515.  I raked out front & watered planted blue grass.  Fried cat fish, asparagus & corn.  Planted geraniums til almost dark.  Doska fixed cinnamon rolls.

Monday, April 28 – 1997

Temp Range: 40° – 73°

Last day bowling.

A beautiful day.  Got up about 6:20 (had taken pill (blood pressure) earlier.  Fixed bacon, grapefruit, cereal, fruit, toast & coffee.  Joe left about 7:15.  Fixed bloody mary, orange Juice & tomato juice, celery – to take for snack.  Reached Fran at Mary D’s. June was late because of mammogram.  We won from cattle. Election of officers: Ona – President, Ida – Vice President, Fran – Secretary, Lena – Sergant of Arms.  May go Monday A.M & 4 teams on Thursday.  Start August 19.  Hurried home as Larned G. H. supposed to plan 3 big and 7 small Wichita Blues Junipers.  (Tom Duncan in charge, Jeff helper) Took 3 over & Andy planted them.  Got Jeff hamburger and fries.  Joe came home about 8:45.  He wanted me to call M.

Monday, October 31 – 1988

Temp Range: 38° – 72°

Chato has new Ford pickup.

A really nice day. Foggy early – still very dusty.  Got one of Butch’s Mexicans to help Highway Patrol Jeff Welker.  Did chores.  Edwards came about 8:45 but went back after stuff to repair cracks in living room.  Made potato soup, ribs & kraut crock pot for supper.  Took eggs to Helen & other lady from Larned & took Doska soup.  Picked up Donna and Kay to bowl.  Won 4 from Golden Manor for a change.  Had coffee, Mike Gleason said Dr. from Texas was here with wife.  Later called & said they were having breakfast at Joy’s.  Bill didn’t want to go. Group all left by 5:30.  Linda and Aimee came after black & white kitty “Bandit”.  She’d been in house all morning, hated to give her up, but Aimee wants her so bad.  Eddie and Justin brought tacos over.  Linda & kids came by later too.

Friday, April 29 – 1988

Temp Range: 52° – 66°

A little windy this morning.  Glad we went to Great Bend yesterday.  Missed going to Prairie Oaks with Jean & Bernice though.  Trying to sell cattle at Hornbakers for 79.  Bill W. to call me back.  I went down to see them and stopped at Kays.  Va Lanier coming this afternoon.  Avis’ sisters funeral today.  Also Nellie Jones’.  I fixed lunch.  Brian gone all day to Triple I show.  The horse we got from Nelson last year died.  Locked bowel.  He was such a good disposition horse.  Bill said he was going to fix a saddle for me.  Took Doska up to Ralph’s after her car.  Bill ran tractor a while.  I took Geo to get pick-up.

Sunday, September 11 – 1988

Temp Range: 65° – 95° (Still 75° at 1:00 AM)

Drew 1 year old.

Windy and hazy all day.  Talked to Kay, she was going to church.  I called Cotton & Delphea.  He starts on another round of chemo tomorrow in Dr.’s office.  They’ve been to Houston  2 or 3 times since we saw them in July.  The yard and pool getting to be too much.  Ate over in town.  It was probably going to be the last summer day.  Read a little & cleaned the filters & skimmed the pool.  Warmer than last week.  Thought of calling Linda but they have ice cream social for teachers this eve.  Just soaked up warm sunshine.  Got wet once.  Bill sorted out clothes.  Picked garden & fixed supper.

Friday, July 29 – 1988

Temp Range: 67° – 100°

Summer weather again and no rain.  Still felt week & ribs sore.  Felt better as day progressed.  Bill going to La Crosse, so guess we’re not going to Colorado.  He stopped at Larned and took driver’s test.  No problem, told him he was as good as an 80 year old.  I tried to call R.V. in Mexico, whoever answered hung up.  Took vegetables to Kay & Doska.  Picked 4 or 5 tomatoes.  Taste so good.  Thought chicken & potatoes with gravy would taste good.  Ate early, then Bill went to La Crosse at 11:30.  I took Harlie eggs & buffalo hamburger.  Visited an hour or so.  He’ll take care of chickens & shut them up nites.  Jean will come Sunday morning.  Choto taking brother’s pickup to Mexico to sell.  I reminded Bill they took March 12th to 22nd off.  I worked all evening watering, hoeing & boxing eggs.