Monday, July 25 – 1988

Temp Range: 68° – 98°

Cool & pleasant early, but got warm before noon.  Changed bed & did laundry.  Bill came in from field around 10am, fixed him an early lunch.  He went to field from 11:45 to 4:30.  I watered, made up bed, washed eggs.  Wrote checks to feedlots.  Took eggs, squash to Doska.  Helena was there. Doska going to be great grandma again (Jody). Went by Kemps – weren’t home.  Justin came over twice looking for boys.  I called Don Martins before 8am to get on bindweed.  Fixed fried chicken, fried potatoes & cabbage, jello.  Bill went out 6:45 to 9:00, I mowed before 6 & from 7pm to 8:30.  Sarah said Ralph & Joe went to Denver.  They took boys to Jeannie’s yesterday.

Thursday, March 31 – 1988

Temp Range: 27° – about 50°

Got up early, did chores.  To town by 6:30.  Breakfast with Ralph, Brian and Bill.  Was down to Hornbakers before 7 (he was at church).  Chato drove truck down.  Brian & Warren drove trailers.  Through hauling by 9:30am.  First truckload weighed 898,  Bill W about fainted.  Ralph and I took off 50¢.  Sold for $81/lb, weighed 847 PW (placement weight?).  Went in at 510.  Had cup of coffee, stopped by Kay’s.  Invited them to Cedars this eve.  They all had steaks.  Bill & I had frog legs.  The best we’d ever eaten.

Tuesday, November 22 – 1988

My Birthday

Temp: 42º when we left for Wichita

Up a little after 6. Did chores by flashlight.  Car started OK.  Left before 7:30 for Larned to get hair fixed at 7:50.  Went by Ralph’s, was afraid battery would go dead while I was gone, so he put in a new battery.  Very expensive $81.  Came on home and finished packing.  Got a check for 32 head heifer. Lee had called to wish me happy birthday while I was at Larned.  Dave Gambill called from Bill’s at Boulder singing happy birthday.  They were going by the hospital in Denver to see Carl (quadruple bypass), then he was flying to Portland, OR to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter, Judy.  We left at 11:20, went by the bank, had lunch at the Pastry Inn Stafford.  Debbie McClaren waitress.  Jewell brough Doska down, had seat next to us.  John met her.  Gil, June, Gladys met us. Carrie had reservations and a birthday party at Holiday Inn, complete with cake.  We were too full to eat cake.  Gladys wanted to pay, but Bill got it.

Saturday, August 6 – 1988

Temp Range: 69° – 96°

A nice morning.  They had someone working on machinery.  Linda Bushnell came by & said she wasn’t taking trailer space.  She’s going to move to Ellsworth instead.  Kemp came by to pay rent.  I sold him 6 dozen eggs (pay later).  Butch’s guys came before noon to swath hay.  3rd cutting – none of it very good.  I fried shrimp for salad & yellow squash for lunch.  Bill rested.  I sat outside about an hour & read “Father Struck It Rich” by Evalyn McLean.  Watched Butch swathing hay.  Left at 4 for Dodge City.  Went to camera shop.  Got $10 back they overcharged & left pictures.  Got sterling silver & black necklace. Ate at Silver Spur in back.  Got rodeo tickets given to us by Joe & Helen Edwards.  Martins went to Wichita.  Buffalo & horse act the best.  Got home at midnight.