Thursday, September 15 – 1988

Temp Range: 62º – 74º

Was tired, but better get on the stick.  Did chores – fed 3 baby kittens.  Made out payroll & other checks.  Left a little after 9 for Hutch.  Bill wanted to see about the $400 unclaimed property Rex Cudney told him about.  Rainy but stopped by the time we got to the fair.  Bill told parking lot attendant his wife had a very sore foot so he let us park fairly close to the walk in gate.  Still about 5 blocks to the industrial building, so bill could fill out the form on unclaimed property from Derby.  Ralph & Marian each had $125 from a bank in Wichita.  I got 800 number from them.  It was cool & partly cloudy.  Looked at exhibits, ate barbecue ribs & chicken.  Not very crowded.  Shopped at Pegues.  I got bras & pants.  Bill got shirt & underwear.  Rained most of the way home.  But not here.  Called Jeannie & Joe.  Ralph was gone.

Thursday, June 23 – 1988

Temp Range: 68º – 98º (102º Dodge City & Great Bend)

Just a smidge cooler but still plenty hot.  Did some more planting.  Jean called.  They finished harvest last night.  I asked Mary Ann if she wanted to come over.  Decided to come at 1:00 then Bill was taking a nap til 1:30.  I sent Coleen’s & Joe’s b-day cards & package with Bill to mail.  I never left the place all day.  He went to check how guys were doing.  Both gardens very dry – had five hoses going all day.  Mary Ann and I took living room window (by my chair) apart & cleaned it.  It sure looks better.  Did bedroom & den.  She had ball game & boys too.  They’re doing very well.  Beat Garfield Tuesday, 24-2.

Wednesday, July 27 – 1988

Temp Range: 60° – 90°

Beautiful early – grass freshly mowed with dew on it.  Flowers, especially roses, fresh.  Did chores.  Took Joyce zucchini, yellow squash & eggs.  Joyce getting air conditioner fixed.  Went up to Ralph’s – he called from Kinsley.  Joe was putting crank shaft in his car.  Boys still at apartment.  Took them & Ralph to Kiowa Kitchen.  they were slow.  Got Ralph back for 1:30 appointment on time.  Dropped Joe & boys at apartment.  Got groceries, home before 3pm. Put groceries away.  Went by Doska’s, Helen was there & Edna dropped by.  Her sister Alva services at Fellsburg. Then they are going to have services next week in California.  Ralph, Joe & boys came by.  Ate at Pub.  They were slow too.

Monday, June 20 – 1988

Temp Range: 66° – 106°

Very hot and dry.  Quite a few still harvesting.  Harold called at 8am.  Had one load hfrs [heifers] 550 to 560 lbs load in at 69.  I called Ralph. but he didn’t return call until 11:30.  Decided to wait for market at noon.  Grains all up the limit.  Figured up Ingalvsons time $580, Baileys $475.  Took Golden Belt check 3 & 6 to town.  Mowed till 11:30, already over degrees.  Bill ran Geo’s tractor at noon.  A lot of people burning stubble & going to put in soybeans (over $9 now).  Joe’s 40th birthday.

Monday, May 30 – 1988 (Memorial Day)

Temp Range: 66° – 87°

Still windy & humid.  About 87° outside, but winds up to 50 mph.  I didn’t go to sleep til 3:30.  Woke up at 7:00. Grudgingly made bed, took bath.  They took urn to cemetery before it was ready.  Made coffee, made 5 jars of peonies &  4 – $4 geraniums plus what was in urns.  Got back about 8:30.  Jeannie & kids were up.  Made scrambled eggs & bacon for Bill, Jeannie & me.  Kids don’t eat much.  Drew is sure a good baby.  Ralph called.  Mrs. Bryant called.  Had 7 lbs asparagus for me.  Girls decided not to help Linda.  Girls put out flags at cemetery.  I put on ham to bake.  Cooked potatoes with jackets on.  Ralph came at noon.  Had lots of fresh asparagus, fried potatoes, baked ham, fruit salad & watermelon.  Jeannie left in Ralph’s station wagon at 2:30.  Kitty had kitten north of house & abandoned it.

Sunday, March 13 – 1988

Temp Range: 18° – 48°

Still windy & cold.  Harold called (on answering service) and is on his way.  Driver called and said he’d be here by dark.  Ate early. Went by Cec’s but he’d gone to Kinsley (Schnoeble girl first communion) & stayed for dinner. Donna had headache & didn’t go.  We come home a while. Mrs. Horner died.  Went over to Titus’s a while & watched Oklahoma beat Kansas (tournament). Driver called at 6 from Lewis.  Cattle were unloaded by dark.  Pretty good cattle 523lb.

Friday, January 1 – 1988

Temp Range: 12° – 38º

Didn’t get in and to bed til 2am. so didn’t get up until around 8. Did chores – thought Rose Bowl was at 9 but wasn’t til 10. Fixed big breakfast, eggs, fried potatoes (couldn’t find grits), bacon, juice, coffee.  Watched parade 10 til 12.  Put prime rib roast.  Talked to Kay.  They had just finished rib roast dinner, mashed pot, beans & black eyed peas.  Lawrence ate a pretty good dinner and is a little more alert.  Talked to Jeannie – they’d gone to dinner & talent show. She said it was good. Bill watched ball games. I changed bed & did laundry.  It was about 20 degrees.  It was still, and fairly warm.  I tried on turquoise sweater, went pretty well with bright rose pink pants.  I made beans and black eyed peas with ham hock.  We went to Lilies for a while. Thought Mary Helen’s party was this eve, but was a week ago.  He never tells me anything.

Miami won Orange Bowl from Oklahoma 20-14.