Saturday, August 6 – 1988

Temp Range: 69° – 96°

A nice morning.  They had someone working on machinery.  Linda Bushnell came by & said she wasn’t taking trailer space.  She’s going to move to Ellsworth instead.  Kemp came by to pay rent.  I sold him 6 dozen eggs (pay later).  Butch’s guys came before noon to swath hay.  3rd cutting – none of it very good.  I fried shrimp for salad & yellow squash for lunch.  Bill rested.  I sat outside about an hour & read “Father Struck It Rich” by Evalyn McLean.  Watched Butch swathing hay.  Left at 4 for Dodge City.  Went to camera shop.  Got $10 back they overcharged & left pictures.  Got sterling silver & black necklace. Ate at Silver Spur in back.  Got rodeo tickets given to us by Joe & Helen Edwards.  Martins went to Wichita.  Buffalo & horse act the best.  Got home at midnight.