Friday, May 15th – 1998

FRANK SINATRA DIED – 82. Heart Attack.  Joey Bishop only one left.

Temp range 59° – 78° Stay at home day

Did laundry, changed bed.  John came by.  I ate at restaurant with Kay and Bernice.  John came from 12:30 to 5–.  Took time off to take nephew to baby sitter as mother went to work 2:30.  Dorothy brought by asparagus & Veg bag.  I hoed W. of house & tomato & strawberries.  John trimmed creeping phlox? & spaded & we planted orange impatients around ash tree.  Tree north of old house covered with bees.  I stopped at Harlies.  Red boy helping John had David come put grass clipping in bags.  Bees were gone.

Tuesday, April 5 – 1994

Temp Range: 22°-34° – Snow & Sleet

Joe called a little after 8.  He’d gotten home from his trip to Calif (driving a truck) about 4PM yest.  It was cold & dreary there, too.  It’s Loren’s 18th birthday (I got a card & check off to him).  Ralph called about 9.  I was getting my info together to call Jerry Anderson where my check was.  He called back later — held back 3 Holstein type.  Will ship Fri.  I worked about 3 hrs on order pewter for Bowling.  I picked up my catalog from Mary O’Brien.