Wednesday, December 14th, 1988

Temp range: 42° – 62°

Warm this morning.  Had to do chores in dark though.  Hit sore right below knee with bucket – about sent me into orbit – hurt so bad for a while.  Joyce thinned hair. Missed communication or would have had it cut.  Called Ralph, he’s getting better.  Got groceries & picked up huge poinsettia at Larned G. from Great Bend feeders.  Put groceries away & got Bill’s lunch. Picked up Jean, Doska, Kay & Norma to go to Main Floor St. John.  Jewell, Harriett & La Donna came together.  Sheila brought Esther.  The house was decorated so nice.  None of the others had been there before.  La Donna brought tape player & I brought 3 Christmas tapes.  Esther seemed so glad to be there.  Ilene served a nice salad, chicken breast, rice pilaf, green beans, cinnamon rolls, chocolate mint pudding, coffee, tea or hot tea.  Everyone seemed to have a lovely time.  Esther was pleased with blue towels & milk bath.  Sheila gave me me colored yellow dressed [mammie??].  We toured the antique shop.  Bill had brought poinsettia from colony.