Tuesday, June 21 – 1988

Temp Range: 70° – 104° (Death Valley 114°)

Left ankle hurt so bad I couldn’t walk on it. Finally came out of it late morning.  Alice Clapsaddle called 8:45 – wants reservations at Raton of the 4th.  I called Cotton – said he could handle it.  Said heifers sold at Texhoma last Thursday 65 for 700lb.  I’d turned Harold down for 69 – 550lb to 600lb.  Jim Berry called.  Had some 412 heifer #1 okie. Laid in at $72.00.  Can’t sell fats at Golden Belt, they turned down 71 last Monday.  Can’t get 67 today.  Most grains except wheat up the limit.  Beans at 9.49.  Fixed early lunch so Bill could run for Geo noon hour.  I hoed garden down by bar 12:30 to 1:30.  Almost 100°.  Got checks off.  Saw Kay a little while.  Roberta wasn’t home again.  Kay said she may be in Halstead.  Fixed turkey legs – early supper.  Went out 6:00 til 8:30 or so. I mowed & worked in plants til dark.