Tuesday, April 28 – 1987

Temp Range: 44° – 84°

Michael’s 9th birthday.  Sent him card & $10.  Got busy early.  Went to town little before 9 to see R.V.  He was up but she wasn’t.  Finished mowing by chicken house.  Bill did out north on ride mower.  Geo & Chato finished about 10:30.  Took bowling scores over & took Ron roast, eggs & 1/2 gal V. O.  He seemed pleased (for rototilling my garden & front of house).  Fixed lunch.  R. V. came about 1:45.  Maria came with him.  Helped me clean up kitchen.  Helped R.V. spade (he planted 4 rose bushes for me).  Then we planted  1 row carnes, about 18 glads.  They went home about 5:515.  I raked out front & watered planted blue grass.  Fried cat fish, asparagus & corn.  Planted geraniums til almost dark.  Doska fixed cinnamon rolls.