Thursday, April 28 – 1988

Temp Range: 40° – 72°

First time I drove the new car.  Went to Kinsley after tags. Almost $450 with tax.  Hate the new design – she said everyone did.  Made out a bunch of checks.  Went by Fox’s, they’re sure enough closing.  Wtih All’s quitting & Dr. Schnoebeler… it’s really going to hurt Kinsley. Fixed sweet corn & hamburgers for lunch.  Titus’s aren’t going to Martin’s Saturday so tried to get R.  Went by & he said they could go.  We went on to 3I show.  Saw 6 cops.  A perfect day.  Saw lots of People – Larry Carr, Rex Cudney, Ray & Roy (Ray with cane), Dwayne Laney, Dale Beiser.  Had drinks at Deer (?) Club after seeing my pen B-3 & B-6.  Dave & Steve Titus had drinks with us.  Bill had 3 margaritas.  Ate at Keowa Kitchen.