Monday, April 28 – 1997

Temp Range: 40° – 73°

Last day bowling.

A beautiful day.  Got up about 6:20 (had taken pill (blood pressure) earlier.  Fixed bacon, grapefruit, cereal, fruit, toast & coffee.  Joe left about 7:15.  Fixed bloody mary, orange Juice & tomato juice, celery – to take for snack.  Reached Fran at Mary D’s. June was late because of mammogram.  We won from cattle. Election of officers: Ona – President, Ida – Vice President, Fran – Secretary, Lena – Sergant of Arms.  May go Monday A.M & 4 teams on Thursday.  Start August 19.  Hurried home as Larned G. H. supposed to plan 3 big and 7 small Wichita Blues Junipers.  (Tom Duncan in charge, Jeff helper) Took 3 over & Andy planted them.  Got Jeff hamburger and fries.  Joe came home about 8:45.  He wanted me to call M.