Friday, April 29 – 1988

Temp Range: 52° – 66°

A little windy this morning.  Glad we went to Great Bend yesterday.  Missed going to Prairie Oaks with Jean & Bernice though.  Trying to sell cattle at Hornbakers for 79.  Bill W. to call me back.  I went down to see them and stopped at Kays.  Va Lanier coming this afternoon.  Avis’ sisters funeral today.  Also Nellie Jones’.  I fixed lunch.  Brian gone all day to Triple I show.  The horse we got from Nelson last year died.  Locked bowel.  He was such a good disposition horse.  Bill said he was going to fix a saddle for me.  Took Doska up to Ralph’s after her car.  Bill ran tractor a while.  I took Geo to get pick-up.