Sunday, September 11 – 1988

Temp Range: 65° – 95° (Still 75° at 1:00 AM)

Drew 1 year old.

Windy and hazy all day.  Talked to Kay, she was going to church.  I called Cotton & Delphea.  He starts on another round of chemo tomorrow in Dr.’s office.  They’ve been to Houston  2 or 3 times since we saw them in July.  The yard and pool getting to be too much.  Ate over in town.  It was probably going to be the last summer day.  Read a little & cleaned the filters & skimmed the pool.  Warmer than last week.  Thought of calling Linda but they have ice cream social for teachers this eve.  Just soaked up warm sunshine.  Got wet once.  Bill sorted out clothes.  Picked garden & fixed supper.