Friday, July 29 – 1988

Temp Range: 67° – 100°

Summer weather again and no rain.  Still felt week & ribs sore.  Felt better as day progressed.  Bill going to La Crosse, so guess we’re not going to Colorado.  He stopped at Larned and took driver’s test.  No problem, told him he was as good as an 80 year old.  I tried to call R.V. in Mexico, whoever answered hung up.  Took vegetables to Kay & Doska.  Picked 4 or 5 tomatoes.  Taste so good.  Thought chicken & potatoes with gravy would taste good.  Ate early, then Bill went to La Crosse at 11:30.  I took Harlie eggs & buffalo hamburger.  Visited an hour or so.  He’ll take care of chickens & shut them up nites.  Jean will come Sunday morning.  Choto taking brother’s pickup to Mexico to sell.  I reminded Bill they took March 12th to 22nd off.  I worked all evening watering, hoeing & boxing eggs.