Thursday, June 23 – 1988

Temp Range: 68º – 98º (102º Dodge City & Great Bend)

Just a smidge cooler but still plenty hot.  Did some more planting.  Jean called.  They finished harvest last night.  I asked Mary Ann if she wanted to come over.  Decided to come at 1:00 then Bill was taking a nap til 1:30.  I sent Coleen’s & Joe’s b-day cards & package with Bill to mail.  I never left the place all day.  He went to check how guys were doing.  Both gardens very dry – had five hoses going all day.  Mary Ann and I took living room window (by my chair) apart & cleaned it.  It sure looks better.  Did bedroom & den.  She had ball game & boys too.  They’re doing very well.  Beat Garfield Tuesday, 24-2.