Monday, March 21 – 1983

Temp Range: 20° – 37°

Changed bed, typed up bowling news. Marcile called. MM due today. Sure different than year ago. Mary called for ride (Arlene not bowling for 2 or 3 weeks). Mailed Lindsay birthday card (4th). Had coffee. Took eggs to Nancy, Robertta & Va. Arkie called – will do trenching & put in hot water tank. Called Ralph – Mary B wants car under 10 G’s. Fixed roast & cooked all afternoon. Made spinach noodle salad. Took some to Mary & Donna. Saw Martins – 4 of them.

Thursday, October 30 – 1986

Temp Range: 43° – 72°
Called Calvin & got figures for 125 head & sent check. Called Ralph & gave him figures on La Junta cattle & made out checks. Fixed Bill lunch, picked up Kay & Lawrence at 11:30. He had eye appt with Dr. Laullen at Dodge. Ate lunch at DJ’s. Doris came in said Lou was spending 4 weeks at Wichita moving to new office. Lawrence got prescription for med for his eyes. Kay & I shopped a little. Went by Dillons and got some things. Had a long delay for road work, got to Kinsley in time to go to Hamm & Poole Home before 6. Fixed catfish, turnips & sweet potatoes. Bill said fish was as good as any he ever ate. Worked on books for Ralph in the evening.

Monday, June 28 – 1982

Temp Range: 34° – 64°

First day of harvest
(except some 1/2 bins that were too wet & dumped on hangar floor) Cut east of Darrell’s 1:30 to 9:30. 5447.90 bu test 59.8 to 62.2 dock to 1090 on one load at 1740. Damp in AM but sunny. Picked zucchini & yellow squash (gave Tina a zucchini & she gave me lettuce). Started mowing right after lunch (about 12:40). Guys (Cec) took first combine out at 1:20. Tom took second combine out a little after 1:30. I mowed & Tina did the yard & north of tamarisk. I did all main yard, by the chicken house & by the pool except on out by the trash barrels.

Tuesday, June 1 – 1982

Temp Range: 43° – 71°

Got up early in pretty good time. did chores, got ready, took SS check to the bank & news to paper about putting up curtains in Community Hall. Boyd came out to ask if we were going to Brian’s wedding. Guess Bill vetoed it. Letter & pictures from Jeannie & letter from Sharron. Drove to Hutch for dental appointment. Rock was gone to grandmother’s funeral. Susan cleaned teeth. Tried to call Shirley for lunch (wasn’t home). Went to see Ed Grimble. They haven’t got it straightened out yet, saw deer on way home. Joe & Donna came to say goodbye.

January 6, 2019

Ona Evelayn Cross (Baird) was born on November 22, 1922 in Larned, Kansas to John Norris Baird and Clara (Spangler) Baird.

Ona was raised on the farm 3 miles east of Larned.  She attended District #6 grade school, then Larned High School. Her senior year, she moved to Boulder, Colorado with her great aunt, and graduated from Boulder High in 1940. She then moved to Wichita and went to Wichita business college.

After college, she worked for Boeing aircraft as the head secretary for the engineering department. She witnessed the first flight of the B29 bomber.  While in Wichita, Ona met a handsome engineer for Beech aircraft, Lloyd Cook. They were married on November 1, 1942. Lloyd served in the armed forces during the war. After the war they moved to Oklahoma City and she worked for Capital Records. Ona loved music and meeting such stars as Tennessee Ernie Ford, Hank Thompson & Jo Stafford. That marriage dissolved in 1951.

Ona was back in Lewis briefly, then moved back to Colorado where she loved the mountains and reuniting with friends she had made when she was in Boulder. On April 21, 1955, Ona married Bill Cross in Clayton, New Mexico, they moved back to Lewis to live on the farm. Ona was active in many organizations she loved the farm and ranching business. She was an astute businesswoman, and was very successful in the cattle business. She was known for her keen wit and sense of humor.

After Bill’s death in 1991, she continued to buy and sell cattle and participate in her farming operations. She was an avid member of the Lewis community, active in her EHU Sunnyside unit, a loyal member of Daughters of the American Revolution, active in the Kansas livestock Association and the Kansas Cowbells. She was a member of the Lewis United Methodist Church, a 35 year member of the Board of Directors of the Iroquois Center for Human Development, and her bowling league just to name a few.

Ona lived her last year’s as a resident of the Edwards County Medical Center in Kinsley. She is survived by a nephew Joe R. Baird (Pam), a niece Jean Martin (John), great nieces and nephews; Loren Baird (Mari), Michael Baird (Amanda), Lindsay Martin, Erica Martin, Drew Martin.  She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Bill, and her brother Ralph H Baird.

Sunday, November 6 – 1988

Temp Range: 34° – 64°

A beautiful, cool, crisp day. Changed the bed, did laundry then called Donna & Cec to eat fried chicken with us. Chato was out doing chores early. Feeding cattle across the road. They finished early around 9 or 9:30. He & family left & didn’t get home until after 10pm. Bill came in about 9:30 – wanted to fool around! – while I was doing laundry. Met Cec & Donna for fried chicken. Had a good crowd. Gave the bedroom clock to Cec to fix. Went by R V’s. He & Mary were raking yard. Asked them to come out – Bill took Cec & David to get J. Cross’s combine to cut little lot of milo (Bill said doubt if he got 10 bushel). RV & Mary were here at 1:20 – we worked all afternoon. Dug roots, Mary swept &  raked. R & I moved & planted the rose bush.  Left at 5:20. I cleaned up – we went to Luther Bryant’s fish dinner.

Zelma M called – coffee club.

Joe called & talked about 25 minutes. Gave Ranni 2 carat diamond.

Ralph called from Phoenix for Boyd’s phone number.

Saturday, August 27th – 1988

Temp Range: 72° –

Temp was warm in the AM – in 70’s. Wind blew in from  the north mid morning. Blew pool full of leaves & dirt. Got up at 5:15. Did chores. Over to town by 5:45. Moon starting to eclipse. Guys brought horses over. Robbie & David late but at Britton’s pasture before daylite. Bill & I  in pickup – went 2 1/2 miles north from southwest corner. Fatass was sitting on the hill (cattle spooked). Bill said “What the hell is she doing out here – she’s got no business out here. Trucks were 30 minutes late but got one loaded by 8:38 (78 head). 67 on the 2nd truck. Found 2 in the willows. Cheto roped last one. Wayne unloaded them in Lobo by 11. Guys went on home. It sprinkled. Ate at the Pub. home before 12:30. Ralph called on oil lease – 5/6 about 2,000 a month. Bill stomped out of the house – was furious! “Who the hell changed that? LaV had her name, Brian’s & Gary’s on the lease. Bill said he was to to see Roe. We went to Fred Clark’s party.

Friday, October 21st – 1988

Temp Range: 48° – 75°

Up early to get things done to leave. Edwards came about 9am. I had several calls on cattle to make. Sent checks to Gt. Bend Golden Belt. Edwards finished sweet onion semi-gloss in bedroom. Left by noon – took check & eggs to bank, ate fried chicken & left for N. Mex.  Bill got haircut at Larned early & we went to see Dr. Atwood. Mrs. Atwood had him write prescription for us temporarily. New Dr. visiting Kinsley today. Stopped at Dodge, in Clayton a little after 4:30. Bill stopped and got a 7 long oval hat & me 2 blouses (one black, one loud one!). Bill Waller took us to dinner.

Room 123

Sunday, June 26th – 1988

Temp Range: 71° – 96°

Did laundry, watered & pulled weeds.  Flies biting exceedingly bad. Ate over in town. Brian & friend from 39 miles from Hays came in to eat. (Both were at the Pub on friday) I called Mrs. Lawrence & we got 5 lbs green beans. I cooked with the new pot & ham. Really good. Rain shower went over about 6pm. Wichita got good rain – at least cooled things down.